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How can I fix my bad credit?

The first thing you need to know is that having bad credit is not an automatic "no" when it comes to getting a car loan.  Actually, banks and car dealerships have programs specifically designed to help people who have credit challenges.  And this is one of the best ways to fix your bad credit - getting a car loan.  By getting a bad credit car loan you are able to establish your credit history, but not be locked into a loan with a higher interest rate for years and years.  
The Key, is once we have gotten you approved for that loan to do three things:

You need to know your budget and work your budget. Decide now how much car you can afford before going on the lot. That's why getting approved online through our easy quick application can make a huge difference. By knowing how much money you can spend, you will automatically weed out cars that are not a good fit for your car buying needs and budget. Be sure to make use of our free online car payment calculator up above to figure out exactly how much car you can buy to get the range of car payments you are comfortable with.

Financing Recomendations:

We don't want to just help you by providing our online free car loan payment calculator, but we also want to help to get you approved for car loan financing - even with bad credit!  Here are some finance recomendations to help you get the best loan possible for you:


We recommend financing for no more than 60 months - anything longer and you are paying way to much interest over the long haul. If you need a lower car payment, why not opt for a lower priced car.

Loan Rates

It's important to shop around for the lowest car loan interest rates. The good news is that when you apply with us, we do the shopping around for you! Get approved today!

How Much Cash Down Payment Do You Have

Try, if you can, to put at least 20% down as a down payment for your car loan, this will help you lower the amount you owe which will lower your payments.


We Have the Knowledge & Experience to Get you Approved, no matter what your credit situation looks like.

It is our goal to help you find the auto financing you are looking for no matter the credit situation you find yourself in.  This is why we have provided the free online auto payment calculator - to help you determine the amount of car you are wanting to buy to get you near the target amount you need to be making as a monthly payment.  

We have been in the auto financing industry since 1989 and look foward to helping you get your car financed, no matter your credit history!

How it works!

First, you need to take some time with our car payment calculator and really figure out what the right car loan amount and length of loan is for you to get the type of car payment that you are looking to have monthly.  

Once you know your car payment target, it's pretty simple from there.  Just click on "Apply Now!" up above and begin filling out our online car loan application.  It only takes a few minutes.  Once you have applied, we will begin searching through our huge network of lenders and dealerships to match you up with the right car loan product to suit your needs.  You can be approved quickly and be on your way to walking onto a car lot with the security and knowledge that you already have the funding you need in order to purchase a vehicle that meets your car payment needs!

Things to Think about when trying to calculate your new car payment:

Really, there are a few things that you should be aware of when working on calculating your new monthly car payment.  The first thing is determining exactly how much you want your monthly payment to be.  It's important to not over stretch yourself, but instead to be realistic and consider all of your other commitments.  

The next thing you need to know is that most dealerships can magically get you into the monthly payment you need to buy a car you want.  But it's really not magic at all - what they are doing is messing around with the length of time you will be repaying that loan.  This means you can get a lower car payment 3 ways, one is to get a lower interest rate - see our section on how to improve your credit.  The second way to lower the car payment is to buy less car - this is what we would recomend.  Buy the amount of car you actually need and work towards buying the car you want.  The third way is to extend out the payments over a longer period of time in order to lower the amount paid each time.  The problem with this is that you can actually get to the point where you have paid more interest on the car than it's worth and get financially upside down on a vehicle that isn't worth as much as you have paid for it.  This is why it's wise to slow down, use our calulator above to adjust some of the variables and find a car payment that actually meets your needs and is not going to break the bank.  

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